Friday, 30 December 2011

Introduction to Team Tyne and Weary

In September 2012, Team Tyne and Weary will toe the line at one of the world's most famous stage races -  covering somewhere in the region of 320km and 15000m of vertical ascent over rough alpine terrain in 8 days visiting 3 countries - the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run. We've set up this blog to allow you, the reader, to follow our progress in the lead up to the race, through our training sessions, races and challenges. There's many a mountain to climb, many a fellside to descend, many a river to wade, many a trod to find, many a bog to trudge through and many many miles to run on the way but 2012 promises to be one awesome journey. Join us!!

Team Tyne and Weary, aka, Andy and Adam are two 20-something mountain running aficionados from North East England. They are both graduates of Durham University where they both represented the university in national orienteering and cross-country running competitions. Never quite the quickest members of the team but certainly two of the hardiest, their real calling came in the form of mountain marathons and other long distance off road events. They first partnered up for the Highlander Mountain Marathon in 2010 and came tantalisingly close to a podium finish in 4th place on the A class, only 2 and half minutes down on 3rd. They've since joined forces again during 2011 and despite numerous injuries come away with a 2nd place at the Highlander on one of the shorter courses and a 7th and 16th place at the LAMM and OMM Elite respectively.

Coupling strong individual performances through 2011 and a strong teamwork ethic, Team Tyne and Weary are hoping to surpass the achievements of the past year with a race schedule something along the lines of:
  • April 14th/15th - Highlander Mountain Marathon
  • April 28th - Fellsman
  • May - Bob Graham Round
  • June 9th/10th - Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (LAMM)
  • August 11th - North Downs 50
  • September 1st-8th - Gore-Tex Transalpine Race
  • October 27th/28th - Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)
Bring it on!!

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